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The first thing that hit me while reading Carrie was how much of my memory of the book was actually formed by the movie. Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie were great in their roles, they were just nothing like the women described by Mr. King in his book. The second thing that hit me was how well in captured, right from the start, the cruelty that can exist/exists in  High School and how peer pressure and/or a mob mentality can make otherwise good people do and condone bad things. That first scene in the shower was horrific and hard to stomach but the reality is that there are worse things going on in our schools everyday. How many kids have wished that they had powers like Carrie’s? How many of them would have ended up regretting it if they did. With all the focus these days on bullying and seeming endless episodes of violence in our schools we can only hope that our young people and our educators will find the courage to step in and make a difference.

Back to the book, as a reader I was sometimes really liked and was sometimes really annoyed by the use of the report, news and books excerpts. I get the foreshadowing and the ability to relate information outside the stories timeline and main characters but sometimes I just wanted to get on with the story already. My only other complaint and if you continue to read this blog you’ll find I as a huge fan won’t have many is that Mr. King tends to go a little overboard with his adverbs in this book. I’ll attribute this too his youth in this case as it’s not something I’m aware of in his more recent work.

All and all I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this story, I don’t think I have read in since Jr. High.   I may right another post re Carrie once I re-watch the first movie and see the new one but for now it’s on to Salem’s Lot.










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