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Jerusalem’s Lot

  I really enjoyed this “prequel” to Salem’s Lot. Mr. King does a great job of taking us back in time to the Jerusalem’s Lot of 1850. It continues a theme seen so far in Salem’s Lot & The Shining of tainted ground. It will become a reoccurring theme in Mr. King’s work going forward […]

Night Surf

Interesting little story about the end of mankind, this time by flu. Basically said to me that people are people and no matter what the earth is going to keep going round the sun.

Graveyard Shift

Probably one of my least favorite stories. Giant Mutant Rats/Bats and an asshole boss lead to his death for being an asshole. I just saw no reason to care about anyone in this story. Can’t believe they made a movie out of this.

The Shining

    I am very happy that I revisited this story. In my opinion this is one of Mr. King’s great works. I wish I would have taken the time read it again before reading Dr. Sleep, though I think Dr. Sleep stands on its own.  I was amazed at how much the movie had […]

Salem’s Lot

    Reading Salem’s Lot two things really stuck out to me. One, I was really surprised that Mr. King stuck so closely to the traditional vampire  lore. Holy water, no reflection, sunlight, etc. My surprise was lessened by the afterward where he describes his love of Bram Stroker’s Dracula and his desire to combine […]